Encaustic Revelation by Patricia Seggebruch



Kathryn is pleased to announce that she is a contributing instructor in the new book from EncaustiCamp. Learn insights to the process and techniques of the encaustic medium. The book includes:


  • Step-by-step demonstrations from 9 popular artists, including Patricia Baldwin Seggeruch, Bridgette Guerzon Mills, Michelle Belto, Crystal Neubauer, Judy Wise and Kathryn Bevier

  • Dozens of innovative techniques for encaustic printmaking, working with hand-dyed and textile surfaces, sculpting with wax and foam and more, plus unique project ideas including soldered jewelry with encaustics, wax and plaster books and 3D encaustic collage

  • 30 student projects and 56 finished pieces of art from the instructors--eye candy for you, yes, but these varied and exemplary pieces demonstrate the possibilities and individuality that come from the rich, immersive and supportive environment of EncaustiCamp.


Kathryn's chapter, The Primary Core and The Encaustic Landscape, is deeply rooted in color theory and the fundamentals of composition and brings a wealth of knowledge and practice that is beneficial for all students of the medium. The entire book brings years of valuable insights and is a wonderful asset for anyone interested in pursuing the encaustic medium.

Encaustic Revelation can be found online, through Amazon and other internet vendors, or through select bookstores.

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